Tiindi: 100% natural care products that contribute to a better world.

“I have been fascinated by the subject of female circumcision for over 20 years and the circle was complete when I met my current partner Matty, who personally experienced it. We first thought of setting up a foundation ourselves, but as we are starting entrepreneurs, we sought cooperation with Plan International Netherlands”, says Mira, one of the founders of Tiindi.

For every care product that Tiindi sells, Plan International receives a contribution to projects against female circumcision. This fits well with Tiindi’s mission: to create awareness and respect for natural health and beauty. Tiindi’s products contain only natural ingredients – they contribute to healthy living conditions as they do not involve processing with toxic chemicals, plastic pollution or wasting water.

Oprichters Tiindi
Mira and Matty, founders of Tiindi

Tiindi means shea butter in Gambian. African people discovered this secret ingredient in the nuts of the “tree of life”, as the shea tree is known. Shea butter has been honoured for centuries for its beneficial and healing effect on the skin. All Tiindi products consist of vegetable oils and unprocessed, organic shea butter.

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