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Our MYOMY collections are made with love and are worn with pride. Every bag, maker and wearer has her own story. We all share the dream of making beautiful products and wearing them to contribute to a better world.

MYOMY has been working mainly in India for a long time and they became aware of country’s needs. A cooperation with Plan International seemed obvious. As Girls’ first businesspartner, MYOMY donates an amount to Plan International by selling the My Paper Bag Baby, a unisex diaper bag. But not only that. During Plan campaigns, MYOMY links products from its webshop to the campaigns raising awareness and funds for our work. They also donate bags from their collection, which Plan can use in its recruitment campaign for Girls first business partners.

MYOMY-MY PAPER BAG Felt - Army peace - Girls First Business Partner

Birth certificates in India

luiertas230 million children under the age of five are not registered in India, making it difficult for them to access health care and education and increasing the risk of abuse, exploitation and discrimination. With a birth certificate, newborns have a chance of a better life. Plan International Nederland has been committed to this for years.


MYOMY is a Dutch bag brand that produces and sells fair-trade leather bags and accessories from a sustainable perspective. The company was founded in 2007 with the drive to make the world a little better with the production of their products. The products are sold both online and in over 200 stores in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Strijd mee tegen meisjesbesnijdenis!

Hoe meer mensen zoals jij zich aansluiten om het onrecht tegen meisjes te bestrijden, hoe meer meisjes we een beter leven kunnen geven. Hierdoor kunnen we ervoor zorgen dat ze niet besneden, uitgehuwelijkt of uitgebuit worden.

Kim Feenstra meisjesbesnijdenis tienerzwangerschappen kindhuwelijken
Ja, ik sluit mij aan!


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