I, Geert Jan have the vision that managers can only get the best out of their business if they help their employees to get the best out of themselves. And inspire them to become the best version of themselves.

It can be quite a challenge to inspire your employees on a daily basis. You are distracted by deadlines, by wild ideas from customers or the management and by administrative tasks. In other words, the normal day-to-day issues. It is therefore important to regularly consider how you want to treat your employees.

I work with entrepreneurs and managers on the transformation of HR. From the perspective of equal opportunities for everyone in developing their talents to finding a job that fits. I advise on how to manage your employees, on job vacancies and also on shaping your assessment policy.

Geert Jan HRNinja'sHaving equal opportunities as a core company value benefits employees and the organization as a whole. My mission is an extension of the Plan International mission, equal opportunities for girls and young women worldwide. That is why I have become a Girls first business partner and support the Plan’s Youth Economic Empowerment projects with a monthly fee. is here to make the daily work of managers easier with accessible advice tools and coaching. To inspire and motivate them to see their HR challenge more and more as something worth investing in.



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