TUI Care Foundation

Located in the Netherlands, TUI Care Foundation was founded by TUI, the global market leader in tourism.

Tackling youth unemployment together in the Dominican Republic

For many, the Dominican Republic – with its white beaches and wonderful climate – is the ideal Caribbean holiday destination. However, the island also has a very different side. Many Dominicans live in poverty. Youth unemployment is high, and girls are particularly vulnerable to sexual exploitation. But many hotels and resorts are looking for skilled and motivated employees.

To give vulnerable young people in the Dominican Republic the opportunity to build a career in tourism, Plan Netherlands and TUI Care Foundation established the TUI Academy, in collaboration with Blue Diamond Resorts. In addition to vocational training, the students are coached in personal development, basic financial knowledge and sexual education, developing self-awareness and strength of personality. The project helps young people to protect themselves against exploitation and make conscious decisions about their future. At the same time, it creates a new pool of qualified and highly motivated potential employees for resorts.

Tui academy


The project will enable 150 young people aged between 17 and 24 – mostly women – from three communities in Punta Cana to develop socially and economically and gain access to a decent job at a Blue Diamond resort.

TUI Care Foundation

The TUI Care Foundation is all about supporting collaborations and projects that improve opportunities for young people and contribute to the development of holiday destinations. This corporate foundation harnesses tourism to build sustainable progress by “matching” vacationers with local projects that boost education, children’s and young people’s wellbeing, protection of nature and the environment, and the local economy and employment. In this way they increase the positive impact of the tourism sector for people and destinations worldwide.


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