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Donate a sum or percentage from the sale of a product or service to Plan International Netherlands. That’s selling with added value! You can distinguish yourself from competitors and show that you care about giving young people – especially girls – a chance for a better future. Do you know that 88 per cent of consumers are more likely to buy from a socially responsible company? Here are some companies that have already taken action.

Nalana Cases

At Nalana Cases we specialize in the fine art of crafting premium pressed flower cases. We believe in empowering women to embrace their true value, so that they can lead victorious lives – just like a flower does after rising from the dark soil. In addition, we also believe in contributing to ensure that women and girls worldwide have equal rights and opportunities to flourish in their lives. That is why we donate 10% of our profit to Plan International and support their efforts to improve the position of girls and young women globally. By purchasing a case at Nalana Cases you contribute to that. Together we make the world a better place!

Team Nalana Cases

Nalana Cases Plan International

Monthly Comfort Box

Monthly Comfort Box is a startup, founded by Dyantha Bor and Anna Spaans, two Business Administration students with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Mambeco Monthly Comfort box

Two billion women and girls worldwide are having their period each month. 800 million girls and women worldwide have their period on any given day. The most natural thing in the world, you would say. Plan International wants to end period shaming and break the associated taboos.

Monthly Comfort Box wants to support girls in the exciting phase around their first menstrual period.

We hope to have a positive impact right from the start of our company by breaking the taboos around menstruation. That is why we donate € 0.10 to Plan International for every box sold.


We are Janneke and Willemijn Calis, sisters and founders of Mambeco. We were raised to take care of the environment around us in a responsible and sustainable way. From an early age we travelled around the world, stimulating our interest in fair trade products from various cultures. This has ultimately inspired us to open our Mambeco webshop. with which we are hoping to contribute to a better future.

Mambeco offers a wide range of sustainable care products, zero waste products, alternatives to plastic such as bamboo coffee cups, and fair trade products such as candles and bags made from recycled tea bags.


We would like to do even more for the world and the future. Hence our collaboration with Plan International Nederland! Janneke and Willemijn Calis, Mambeco

By purchasing a sustainable FairSquared care product from Mambeco, you directly contribute to Plan. Mambeco donates 5 per cent of every product sold to a water and sanitation project in the Amhara region, Ethiopia. Plan provides schools with water pumps and water tanks and builds separate toilet blocks for girls as well as special facilities for the disabled. Do you also want to help?


You can buy books quickly and easily via Youbedo. The same books, the same price, but with up to 12 per cent of the purchase price donated to charities that work to achieve a fair and just world. Plan International Netherlands is one of the charities supported.

Read more about our collaboration with Youbedo

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