Supervisory Board Plan International in the Netherlands

Will you join us and help us create a more just world for girls and young women?


Plan International strives for a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls and young women. We believe that achieving gender equality and having youths’ and girls’ voices heard is not only a matter of justice, but also crucial for bringing about lasting change for a more equal society.

At Plan International’s Dutch office, we especially aim to play a leading role in Plan International’s strategic ambition to be ‘locally led and globally connected’: to work with youth advocates on gender equality, to shift power to our partners and local offices in the countries in which our programs are implemented, and to ensure that Plan Internationals community work is appropriate and effective for future generations. In short, to live up to the Pledge for Change, of which Plan International is one of the founders.

Our Supervisory Board its mission is critical to reach these ambitions. The Board seeks to expand its horizon and ensure the voices and insights of young people are also included in the governance of the organisation.

To that end, we are seeking two Supervisory Board members with the following profile:

  • You are passionate about the themes that Plan International works on; a true gender equality champion and activist for change
  • You have relevant work experience in the field of international development and/or humanitarian aid, and preferably have worked and/or lived in one of more of Plan Internationals program countries[1].
  • You demonstrate clear commitment to the Pledge for Change in your work and in your personal behaviour, and you acknowledge and understand the strategic role and perspective young people can bring to Plan’s work.
  • You have a strong understanding of the key trends and challenges in the development/humanitarian aid sector and the shifting roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders, including that of INGO’s
  • You understand the role of a Supervisory Board and are able to act as strategic advisor to the director. Prior board experience is an advantage, but not a requirement[2].
  • You are a smart thinker who understands the complexities of the role and the context in which we operate
  • You are willing to fulfil all formal roles of a Supervisory Board member, in compliance with the Statutes.
  • You have sufficient availability to fulfil this role well (four face to face 3 hour board meetings a year in Amsterdam[i], 1-3 additional optional events/meetings)

Plan International strives to be a youth centric organisation. Therefore, talent and passion for the role are more important to us than experience and seniority.  An onboarding program is in place to ensure new board members can contribute their ideas and expertise effectively and are welcomed into our organisation. Optional coaching and/or training for new board members on governance and the role of a supervisory board are also available.

Candidates need to be proficient in English. Dutch language skills are not essential for this role.

Plan International is an organisation that upholds the importance of diversity, and where everyone feels welcome and appreciated. We like to use the power of diversity to achieve the best results. That is why we encourage everyone to apply, regardless of cultural background, gender, age, religion, or sexual orientation.

The safety of children and young adults is essential to Plan International. Therefore, Plan does not tolerate any form of abuse. This topic will be addressed in the selection process.

Members of the Board are appointed for a period of four years and may be reappointed once. We seek candidates who are prepared to make such a long term commitment.

We value your contribution and talent, and recognize that taking on such a role requires an  investment in time. The role is a voluntary role, but a small compensation for meeting attendance can be provided, in accordance with the ANBI rules.

Application process

  • We look forward to receiving your application letter and resumé by May 31st 2023. Please send your application to Any questions about the role or the procedure can also be directed to this email address.
  • The first interview will take place with the chair (Ms Anja Montijn) and vice-chair (Ms Susan Blankhart) of the Supervisory Board. Preferred candidates will then speak to the Supervisory Board as a whole and with the director.
  • References may be requested from the final candidate before the appointment is finalized.
  • During the selection process, the theme of safety for children and young adults is discussed. This is essential for Plan International, we do not accept any form of abuse. Submitting a recent Statement of Conduct (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag) and obtaining standardised references in accordance with the Inter-Agency Misconduct Disclosure Scheme is part of the procedure.

[1] Candidates employed by current partners of Plan International in the Netherlands will not be considered, due to potential conflicts of interest.

[2] Plan International offers optional coaching and/or training for new board members on governance and the role of a supervisory board

[i] Travel expenses by train within Europe will be reimbursed.


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