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No more child marriages, teenage pregnancies, female genital mutilation or sexual exploitation. Equal opportunities and rights for girls and boys. That is what Plan International is committed to. In more than 50 countries we have projects on protection, youth and employment (including education), WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) and emergency aid. We pay special attention to girls. Every day, around the world, girls are still disadvantaged and get fewer opportunities. Plan makes extra efforts to improve the position of girls so they can grow into strong, independent women who make decisions about their own lives. Investing in girls is investing in a better future for everyone.

We can’t do that alone. Become a Girls first business partner and invest in a sustainable future for these girls – from € 200 per month.

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Eén jaar extra onderwijs voor een meisje.

Geeft haar later 10 – 20 procent meer inkomen.

Van dat inkomen besteedt zij 90 procent aan haar gezin.

Door betere zorg heeft zij gezondere kinderen.

Haar kinderen gaan vaker en langer naar school.

Investing in girls is investing in a better future for everyone!

With each extra year of education, women earn 10-20 percent more – and they spend 90 percent of their income on their families. That means they can provide better care for their children, who in turn can also go to school for longer.

Because I am a Girl campaign

"Because I am a girl ...

... I have dreams. When I grow up I want to become a doctor, or a judge, or perhaps a physicist!” But many girls cannot make their dreams come true. That must change! Gils must be able to get ahead. Plan International ensures that girls are educated and protected from violence, and that they dare to stand up for themselves. In this way they grow into powerful women who can make a difference.

What does this business partnership deliver for you?

  • You contribute to gender equality, improving the position of girls and young women so they get the same opportunities as boys and men.
  • You distinguish yourself from your competitors. Half of consumers say they have more confidence in a brand or company that does business in a socially responsible manner.
  • You become part of our business network and receive invitations to events such as free workshops on gender equality.
  • You can use the Girls first business partner logo in your own channels to show your cooperation with Plan. We mention you as a Girls first business partner on our website.
  • You make your employees proud to work for you. Beyond good employment conditions, working with a charity is often an important reason for employees to choose a company.
  • You can choose the amount (starting at € 200 per month) and project or theme to which you want to contribute, allowing you to align with strategic goals that are important for your company. Our themes are protection, young people and employment, WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) and the Plan Scholarship.
  • Your donation is tax deductible and the partnership is recognized by ANBI and CBF.

Our Girls first business partners

Partnerships with entrepreneurs are necessary to build a sustainable future for girls and boys in developing countries. With a shared vision and common goals, together we can make a difference!

  • Girls first businesspartners

    Fantastisch dat we werken aan de transformatie van HR vanuit het uitgangspunt van gelijke kansen, en gelijktijdig bijdragen aan gelijke kansen voor meisjes en jonge vrouwen wereldwijd!

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  • Nova Connect Girls first businesspartner Girls first businesspartners

    Nova Connect

    “Wij vinden het belangrijk dat meisjes en (jonge) vrouwen over de hele wereld toegang hebben tot onderwijs en gesteund worden in hun ondernemersambities. Daarom hebben we na uitgebreid onderzoek ervoor gekozen om een Girls…

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  • Confetti Collective Girls first businesspartners

    Confetti Collective

    “Anderhalf jaar geleden werd het zaadje geplant: wat als we met The Confetti Collective onze missie nog veel verder zouden kunnen uitdragen dan alleen in Nederland? En dan niet zozeer met een internationaal platform…

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How great is it to be able to contribute through your company to such a wonderful goal and make a difference in the lives of others?

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