Working together on equal and sustainable production chains

Companies that operate internationally are expected to follow the “UN Guiding Principles” for international corporate social responsibility. These principles require companies, among other things, to conduct due diligence on risks of human rights violations in their production and supply processes. Understanding the risks helps companies to take measures to prevent exploitation, discrimination and violence against girls and young women. That is good news for them – and for your company.

Do you want to contribute to an inclusive and sustainable world?
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Gendergelijkheid op de werkvloer

The business case for investing in young women

Gender equality in the workplace leads to higher productivity. This animation shows the role played by brands from the Netherlands in improving the position of women with their local suppliers.

How can Plan international help?

It is often difficult for companies to check with producers and suppliers in developing countries what risks are faced by girls, young women and children.

Plan International can help your company to do this:

  • With customized training on gender equality and children’s rights, we can build knowledge and skills within your company.
  • Through targeted, context-specific research, we can show which risks are associated with your purchasing and production process.
  • In cooperation with our local offices, we can link your company to relevant local actors such as organizations of girls and young women.
  • We can advise your company here in the Netherlands and your business partners in global production chains on measures to effectively address the identified risks.

Plan International Netherlands is already working with various companies, particularly in the tourism and clothing and textile sectors.

betere positie voor vrouwen in de kledingindustrie

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