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Plan International Netherlands is a learning organization that strives for innovative solutions. If you specialize in research or innovative technology that can increase our impact on the happiness and prospects of girls and young women, we would like to get in touch with you.

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Project Mapa is een community-centered innovatieproject, geïmplementeerd door een consortium dat geleid wordt door Plan International Filipijnen.

Project Mapa

Project Mapa uses scientific technical data to create three-dimensional maps of communities which are prone to flooding, The maps enable residents to have a better understanding of their village layout, allowing them to identify the low-lying areas which could be at risk and the higher areas which are good evacuation points. The information means they can make better informed decisions when it comes to disaster risk planning.

Mobile smart schools

To reach children living in remote communities who are more likely to be unable to regularly access education, Plan International has partnered with Korean electronics company Samsung to roll out an innovative project which brings advanced digital technology to students via mobile smart schools.

Nomada smart schools, named after the nomadic tribes who carry their households with them, are fully portable and compact enough to fit into one suitcase. Each smart unit travels with a teaching facilitator.

Plan International staff were recently trained to use the equipment. They learnt more about the technology that they will be using to strengthen children’s skills in a fun, flexible and creative way.

Do you specialize in research or innovative technology and do you want to partner with Plan International? Send an e-mail to


Contact me (form in Dutch)

Innovative partnerships

Do you specialize in research or innovative technology and do you want to partner with Plan International Netherlands? We are happy to explore this with you. Find inspiration by seeing how we are already working with existing partners.

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